To help get you started, we've compiled a comprehensive list of answers to all common home exchange questions. Please browse from the list below or contact us for further assistance.

Getting Started

  • What is a home swap?

    A home swap refers to two parties coming together in mutual agreement to swap houses for an agreed period of time. There are so many benefits to embarking on a home exchange for your next vacation. They provide great opportunities for both parties to enjoy a vacation either in their own country or overseas rent free! Accommodation costs are eliminated altogether! A home swap arrangement is based upon a relationship of trust. Prior to the exchange actually happening, the two parties get to know one another and build trust. Once trust is built, the exchange takes place. Great home exchange experiences are made possible thanks to a strong relationship of trust.

  • What are the benefits of participating in a home swap?

    If you thought the rent free benefits of a home swap were enough, you're in for a treat! That's because the rent free benefit isn't the only benefit offered to those who participate in a home exchange. When you choose a home exchange for your next vacation, you will also enjoy these benefits: The convenience of home-based facilities: These include kitchens, lounges and laundries and in some cases, you might also enjoy the exclusive use of cars, swimming pools, tennis courts, Jacuzzis and boats! You'll enjoy all of this at no cost and unlike a hotel, you won't need to share any of these facilities with anybody else! Lifelong friendships: In addition, a home swap will also provide you with the opportunity to build great, lifelong friendships with the people you enter a home exchange with! Try finding that at a hotel or resort! The benefits of local knowledge: Finally, a home swap will also allow you to benefit from local knowledge. The people you enter a home exchange with will tell you absolutely everything you need to know about the area - the best restaurants, the best shopping, the best entertainment and the best sites to see!

  • Is anyone able to participate in a home swap?

    Yes! The only requirement is that you have a home to swap.

  • Will my home be safe with people I don't know?

    It's absolutely natural to experience concern when it comes to leaving your home with somebody you don't know. Chances are these concerns will be shared by the people you decide to enter a home swap with. For this reason, it is important to develop a strong relationship before you set up the exchange. Building trust is important, and with time and communication you will build this trust. Get to know your exchange partner through email and over the phone and swap references. Feel free to exchange photos and videos as well because this will enhance the communication experience and help you to get to know one another. All good home exchanges are based on trust, and trust will be built with regular contact and correspondence, so enjoy the experience!

Membership questions

  • How much does it cost?

    For a limited time memberships to are an amazing 75% off.

  • Why should I become a member of makes the whole experience of organising a home swap so easy! Simply register, list your home and choose a destination! It's easy to view other properties available for swap and editing your own listing is so fast and simple! Your member details are stored in a secure location within the website and at the click of a button, you'll be able to explore a huge range of home exchange opportunities in your country and right around the world!

  • Why is it necessary that I become a member to use the site?

    To list your home and arrange a home swap through , you must become a member first. The membership requirement ensures that all who are involved in the website are serious about participating in a home exchange. It also allows each party to view the exchange properties on offer before agreeing to a swap.

  • How do I become a member?

    Simply follow our quick and easy five step process which takes just minutes! To get started, click on the 'Join Now' link at the top of the home page and follow the prompts. By following these instructions, you will be lead through the five steps. You will: 1. Enter your contact details; 2. Choose your travel destination and preferences; 3. Enter your listing; 4. Upload images of your home; and 5. Pay the membership fee. During the registration process you will receive an email confirming your details. This email will include essential information including your username, password and how to access and edit your member details at any time.

  • What do I get for my membership?

    As a member you can list your property on our easy-to-use website. You can edit and update your listing details at any time in just seconds! As a member, you can also view and contact fellow home exchangers via our secure email facility. Our membership base is growing by the day and that means many home exchange opportunities to choose from!

  • How do I pay my membership fees?

    The best way to pay your membership fee is via our online secure payment system. Your security is extremely important to us, and that's why we use PayPal - the industry standard payment system of choice which is also used by eBay.


  • How do I use

    Using is easy! By joining and following the prompts, you can list your own home for swap . At any time, you can easily change and update your listing by accessing the Member area. You can also view our huge range of home swap listings by clicking on the 'View Listings' button on the top of the page and selecting the location that interests you. Our comprehensive search function is easy to use and allows you to quickly locate the opportunities that best suit your requirements. Via the secure email functionality on the website, you can swap emails with other people on the website who you believe could be suitable for a home exchange.

  • What is the best way to maximise swap possibilities?

    There are a few things you can do to maximise your home swap possibilities: Provide a comprehensive description of your home: Ensure you provide a clear and accurate description of your home via your listing. Think about the things you would like to know about a home, and provide this information in your listing. Provide photographs with your listing: Upload photographs of your home's interior and exterior with your listing. A picture is worth a thousand words! Provide references from friends and colleagues: Prospective home swap partners want to learn as much about you as possible, so be sure to obtain character references from friends and colleagues. You can also obtain references from those who have participated in a home exchange with you before, if relevant. Tell your friends about : Spread the message about our website, because it will result in more people listing their homes on our website - and that means more home swap opportunities for our members!

  • What type of information should I include in my home description?

    When preparing your home listing, think about the things you would want to know about a home if you were searching for a home swap property. Ensure your listing includes all of this information. We have made this process easier for you by providing an easy home listing form for you to fill out. It will ask you to provide the information prospective home exchange partners will want to know. The key to writing your home description is to be truthful. Describe your home as it really is and remember that it doesn't matter if your home is only 'average'. Most home exchangers are more than happy to stay in a home that is clean and comfortable!

  • How many exchanges can I arrange in a year?

    As many as you like - there is no limit! There is a one-off yearly charge for membership, and once this is paid you can take part in as many exchanges as you like! During your membership period, you can update your exchange details as often as you like. That means you can update your listing with new images and change the written description of your home.

  • How do I make initial contact with a listed home owner?

    It's really easy! Once you have found a home swap listing that appeals to you, simply click 'Send Enquiry' which is on the page displaying the listing. By clicking on this link, you can send this person an email simply by completing the enquiry form. The home exchanger will then respond to your email, allowing you to discuss directly with this person how you would like the home exchange process to work.

  • Will my personal details be protected by the site?

    Absolutely! We value your privacy. All of your details are protected on our secure website. All member information is confidential and it will under no circumstances be provided to any third parties outside of our home swap network.

The home swap process

  • How does the home swap process work?

    By organising your home swap vacation via , the process is very easy and in your hands! The process is simplified into three straightforward steps: 1. Register your home: In other words, create your home listing so other prospective home exchangers can find you! Simply fill out our home listing form and submit! 2. Choose your destination: Check out the wide range of home swap listings available on our website. Simply fill out our search form and you'll be presented with a range of suitable homes located in your destination of choice! 3. Negotiate the swap : When you find a home exchange opportunity that appeals, simply contact the person who has listed the property via the 'Send Enquiry' link! Once you receive a reply from this person, you can negotiate an exchange and set the terms of that exchange. The process of setting up an swap is done directly with the person you wish to enter an exchange with. is not involved in this process. We simply facilitate the swap and leave the negotiating to you - allowing you to arrange the perfect home exchange that's just right for you!. It's that easy and the flexibility is all yours!

  • How can I ensure a smooth swap?

    To ensure a smooth swap , follow our useful tips as outlined in our keys to a successful home exchange article! In summary, you must be honest and truthful when creating your home listing and you must build a good relationship with the prospective home swap partner. This is done by exchanging emails and talking on the telephone. Get to know your home exchange partner to build trust - which is central to any successful home exchange. While any problems are rare during a swap, we suggest you also ensure your home, contents, and car insurance (if relevant) is also update to date and covers home swapping.

  • Is it a problem if my home is "only average"?

    Absolutely not! Most home exchangers are more than happy to stay in any homes as long as they are clean and comfortable - that's all there is to it!

  • What happens with household bills?

    As a rule, pay your rates, mortgage/rent and maintenance bills as you would do so normally. Before you set up the home swap , discuss with your prospective home exchange partner enter into an agreement relating to the phone and internet bills, which will be incurred by the home exchange partner staying in your home. As a general rule, if the home exchange stay is less than one month, the home exchange partner staying in the home will pay for their phone calls. Of course, there is no right or wrong way to go, so discuss this with your prospective home exchange partner and come to an agreement that works for you both.

  • Do I need to make insurance arrangements?

    Yes. You will need to talk to your insurer regarding your home insurance and also your car insurance if you are including a car exchange in the exchange. Be sure to find out what insurance considerations you need to make by talking to your insurer. Most insurance companies view home exchanges favourably, because it is safer for a home to be occupied, as opposed to empty. Make sure you discuss this with your prospective home swap partner as well, so they are clear as to what is happening insurance-wise.

  • What happens if problems occur during the swap?

    Although it is extremely rare, emergencies may arise during the home swap . That's why it is important for you to, so be sure to leave at your home a list of emergency telephone numbers in the event of such an occurrence. Discuss this with your prospective home exchange partner prior to the home exchange. Also, in the unlikely event damage occurs to your property, we suggest you also have all insurance update to date and that this covers home swapping. If in doubt, speak with your insurer as some insurance companies cover home swapping, but others may not.

  • What happens if damage occurs during the swap?

    Prior to the swap , you will discuss insurance issues with your prospective home exchange partner. It is also recommended that you have a breakage policy in place before the exchange. This will be a policy you will be subjected to as well when you stay in your home exchange partner's home. As a general rule, breakage policies usually state that the person who breaks or damages something, arranges replacement or repair. For a sample breakage policy that you can use, simply refer to the 'Member Exchange Agreement'.

  • Will I be able to find a home that meets my special requirements?

    With so many homes added to our listings each day, you're sure to find the home that's just right for your home swap adventure in no time. To ensure that the home suits you, be sure to discuss your requirements with the prospective home exchange partner prior to setting up the home exchange.

  • I still have further questions, how can I contact you?

    Contacting us is easy! Simply fill out the 'Contact Us' form to get in touch. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries within one business day.

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